Hey im feelin kinda cute idk
Haven’t felt cute in a while but today I felt awesome. Too bad I got a nasty headache and had to miss my asl class. 

I walked into chipotle at around 11 and there was a whole bunch of guys in suits and nice clothes and half of them wouldn’t stop staring at me. So I looked away, uncomfortable and then the (cute) cashier was also staring and wow super uncomfortable. I couldnt figure out what was wrong and then I realized that not everyone finds my haircut “normal” so thats probably why they were staring at me…. I love my hair tho. (:
Here’s a selfie of me. Im bored and I cant sleep and my first day of my life as a college student starts tomorrow. 

I need a laptop sleeve and textbooks. And my paycheck to go through already. Also, someone to cuddle me and call me cute would be nice. :-)
Omfg I love my friends
Hi this is my fave pic of us at south padre even if it is orange af.. but we look cute :*
Hi my name is Pam and I feel like shit rn
I’ve got so much work to catch up on its unreal. Also I’m hungry. Can’t wait till I can catch up on my sleep and not have my eyes looks awful 27/7
Today is Jasper’s first birthday and we wanted to celebrate. (: 
Happy birthday Jasper!
I love lipstick so much
Or any kind of lip color-thing.
I hate gloss tho.
It’s so sticky and gross.
Hi I’m way too awkward